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DSLP Plan Governance

Plan Governance

In broad terms, governance is the structure and processes used to administer a benefit plan under legislation and in the best interest of Plan members.

As part of the ongoing articulation and implementation of the governance principles contained in the governance policy, the governance process is reviewed at least annually and modified as required.

Code of Conduct Guidelines

To aid it in the governance of the Plan, the DSLP Committee has adopted a code of conduct guidelines. This guides the Committee in:

  • understanding its principles and values;
  • determining appropriate business practices and behaviour;
  • maintaining independence;
  • upholding integrity necessary to fulfill their obligations to the members of the Plan; and
  • completing an annual review.

 DSLP Code of Conduct Guidelines

Inquiries to the Deferred Salary Leave Plan Committee may be directed to the Public Employees Benefits Agency.

Deferred Salary Leave Plan Committee

Chair - Jeremy Phillips, Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Finance

Appointed on Behalf of Employers
Peggy AtkinsonPublic Service Commission
Andrea LamontHuman Resources Service Centre